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June 9, 2010

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Bunaken: Breathtaking Underwater Life,


June 3, 2010

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Komodo reaches people throughout central Europe,

April 28, 2010

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The pride of Indonesia. Mount Bromo, Probolinggo, East Java become 3 big mountains of the world’s best for hikers without porters.

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The 28 finalists – Most voted finalists by gender and age,

April 1, 2010

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I suggest you to see This video its so.. encouraging me, thanks alot to
you Kanazef,

December 14, 2009

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Indonesia To Host 2010 IRF Australasian Continental Rafting Champs.

November 22, 2009

Contest: Make Your Own Indonesia Trip!

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Contest: Make Your Own Indonesia Trip!
Indonesia has hundreds of destinations to explore and tons of activities to experience. has only covered a tiny fraction of them. And travelers keep coming up with new interesting stories about their trips to Indonesia on The Net.

Enter’s Trip Planner (BETA); the site’s newest feature for travelers to share your travel plans and stories. As applied to every Web 2.0 site with user-generated content, the site’s going to need your participation and feedback. Thus, this “contest” is actually an invitation for travel enthusiasts to participate. And we’re going to hand out prizes to appreciate the most active and helpful/relevant users.

The prizes would be your own trip in Indonesia, paid by the Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism.*

Everyone is eligible to participate, except the employees of the Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism. So register now at and start sharing!

Contest Details

1) There are three categories, with one winner each:
a. Amazing Indonesia Under US$1,000 (in English)
b. Wisata Impian di Bawah Rp10 Juta (in Indonesian)
c. Most Active User (in English or Indonesian)

2) Go to

3) Register

4) Create a Trip (you can choose any names for your trips. As long as it’s under US$1,000 and in English, it’s eligible to be evaluated for Amazing Indonesia. And if it’s under Rp10 millions and in Indonesian, it’s eligible to be evaluated for Wisata Impian.)

5) Share it!

6) (Optional) If you have a blog, you can write about your trip in in more details and link it to your Trip Planner plan/journal.

7) Send feedbacks (or error reports) to rep.indonesiatravel AT gmail DOT com, with the subject “Trip Planner Feedback”

8) The “contest” starts on 15 November 2009 and ends on 14 December 2009.

9) (Optional) Follow us on Twitter! @indtravel

Winning Evaluation

For Amazing Indonesia Under US$1,000 and Wisata Impian di Bawah Rp10 Juta, we’re going to evaluate from participants’ travel plans or journals and select one winner (each) who writes the most interesting trip idea (plan) or shares the most interesting trip experiences (journal). This will be based on:

– The number of users who picked the trip as favorites

– The number of users who copied the trip for their own itineraries

– Whether the trip is logically accurate in the real world (for example, a trip which involves going from Jakarta to Raja Ampat Island in fifteen minutes is only logical in science fiction)

– Whether the trip actually costs less than US1,000 (excluding the roundtrip fares from abroad to Indonesia and formalities expenses like visa etc.) As a guide, if you want your trip to be eligible for the contest, starts from an Indonesian entry point and ends to the same or another entry point. (Ex: starts from Jakarta and ends in Jakarta. Or starts in Batam and ends in Bali, etc.)

– Whether the trip is the participant’s original idea/experience. If she/he copies it from another user, the original writer will be more eligible to win, unless the trip is modified/adapted to involve different destinations.

For Most Active/Helpful User, the winner will be picked based on:

– The number of trip ideas/journals the participant shared

– The number of useful feedbacks or error reports

– The number of linkbacks to relevant content on or from the participant’s blog (will need to confirm if the blog owner is the same user in Trip Planner)


Winners can choose any of his trip ideas which is eligibly under $US1,000 as a prize. The Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism will then make it come true by reserving an itinerary to match it. Participants can also choose another user’s trip idea by copying it. As long as the Ministry has confirmed that the trip is under US$1,000 (with the abovementioned condition, that the trip will not include roundtrip fares from/to overseas).

For more details, send an email to rep.indonesiatravel AT gmail DOT com. Include the keywords “Trip Planner” in your subject.

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Contest: Make Your Own Indonesia Trip!

November 3, 2009

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Melawai Beach @

Melawai Beach

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Melawai Beach is a main beach along Sudirman street, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. It is a favorite tourist destination in the city center for local community in Balikpapan and is vicinity, and for domestic and foreign tourists. This beach is situated between Semayang Port and Banua Patra Beach. This area is also a center for foods and drinks at nights.

Getting There

East Kalimantan is a unique province. Its capital city is Samarinda but its entry point is at Balikpapan. Its main airport is Sepinggan at Marsma Iswahyudi street. Melawai Beach is situated at Sudirman street. It is not difficult to find Sudirman street as it is a main road to various regions in Balikpapan. Public transportations nos 5 and 6 pass Melawai Beach.

Getting Around

Walking along Melawai Beach provides a special excitement, especially during daytime and low tide. We will feel the excitement of touching sands. When you visit the beach at nights, you can find various types of foods and drinks along the beach.

To Do

Melawai Beach is an attractive site as it is situated at the city center and is close to Semayang Port in Balikpapan. Beside enjoying the beach, visitors could also see loading and unloading activities at the port, watching ships moving in and out, and enjoying various types of foods and drinks at the beach. During low tide, visitors could walk to Babi island, which is situated in the middle of Melawai Beach.

You could enjoy the excitement of the area until late at night. In the afternoon, dozens of sellers offer their merchandises. Under the lights and sounds of waves, visitors could enjoy various types of traditional cakes while sitting on the beach. From a distance, lights from ships and waves provide another beauty which you should not miss.

To Stay

You will find many hotels of various categories at Sudirman street in Balikpapan.

To Eat

Visitors can enjoy various types of foods and drinks at Melawai Beach, particularly at nights. Sellers sell pecel lele (fried catfish with peanut sauce), pecel ayam (fried chicken with peanut sauce), chicken satay, bakso, fried noodles, fried rice etc. There are also sellers selling bandrek (hot ginger drink), wedang jahe (ginger drink), wedang ronde (ginger drink served with peanuts and rice flour balls), and many juices. Several traders also sell local specialties such as gapit banana.

To Buy

Melawai Beach is famous as a center for snacks in Balikpapan at nights. No special handicraft that you could buy in this area, except for snacks.


If you like to enjoy the beauty of a beach, please visit Melawai Beach in the afternoon because only a few people do so in the afternoon. But if you like to find a crowd, then you could come before night. The later is merrier.

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